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Part 3: The Four Keys to Creating A Healthy Relationship with our Heavenly Father

This month we will speak on the third essential key to creating a healthy relationship with our heavenly Father.

Commitment: the state of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.; in this case, relationship.

As with a natural relationship, commitment is needed for the relationship to be effective. Once communication and trust are established in a relationship, the ability to commit should come effortlessly. God wants us to commit our ways unto him as written in Psalm 37:5- Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust in him also, and He shall bring it to pass. In this passage, God instructs us to do two things, and once those two things are achieved, He will provide us with something great. He states that He will bring it to the past. You may be asking what it is, well, my friend, it is whatever you desire and commit to Him. However, your desire must line up with His desires for your life.

I must confess, committing to God early in my spiritual walk was extremely hard because I was afraid of being disappointed. After all, I remember growing up watching other folks go to church for years and remained stuck in the same position. However, I decided to block those other people out of my mind and focus on my spiritual walk. Answering for others and their spiritual walk was impossible but answering for myself was something that I could account for. I read the ancient stories in the bible and how our forefathers committed their ways to the Lord, becoming prosperous because of it. Even at a tender age, one thing I knew for sure was that God wasn't a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he must repent (Numbers 23:19), but I often felt that He wouldn't do it for me. Ultimately, I decided to give it a try and test God at His word. I decided to commit to God; I decided to do it the way He instructed us to do so according to His written word. I must admit it wasn't easy because, after all, we are creatures of habit. Therefore, I had to forget and relearn some things for this to be effective.

So why is committing to God so important? The most important answer is to make it into the kingdom of God, but there are other reasons also. God made a covenant with our forefathers about our future, and when we commit our ways to Him, the promises will be fulfilled. God also advises us to commit our ways to the Lord, and our thoughts shall be established (Proverbs 16:3). That verse alone speaks volumes; God will establish your thoughts if you commit to Him. In this fragile time, committing to God is essential. There are so many things that are taking place today, but building a sure foundation with God allows us to hold steadfast to His words. Giving up is not an option and committing to God is a choice that should not be taken lightly.

As mentioned in the previous sections: Communication brings about trust, trust brings about commitment, and commitment brings about loyalty. These four elements are a sure way for you to start building a healthy and everlasting relationship with our heavenly Father. We will finalize this topic on next month with the last key point, LOYALTY.

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