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Let Me Help!


As The Spiritual Obstetrician, my wish is for you to walk in your divine calling by having your mind renewed.  I believe that I have the God gifted strategies to provide you with the tools needed to get you to the next level of expertise. It's not enough to shift your environment, but one must be willing to transform the mind so greatness can become apart of one's identity. I believe that one must be ready to commit to change before coaching can be useful. If you are eager for more, then Coach Michella, The Spiritual Obstetrician, is right for you. If you desire to have something, you must be willing to invest in the time and techniques require for change to evolve. I can be there with you during this process if:


  • If you are ready to be your best self.

  • If you struggle with identifying your authentic self.

  • If you need to create different streams of income.

  • If you are ready to Invest in Yourself so change can take place.

  • If you are ready to live life purposeful.

  • If you want overcome fear and engage in faith.


Do You Really Need a Coach

The answer is YES! Allowing me to be your personal, spiritual, or professional Coach will enable you to realize and tap into the hidden treasures that lie inside of you. I believe we are born equipped with everything we need to live life purposefully. However, sometimes we become complacent in life and forfeit the true meaning of living out our destiny. I can assist you in reaching the goals that you have so desperately desire. Here is a little bit of what to expect:


  • Open Your Eyes To Self-Worth

  • Learn To LOVE Yourself

  • Discover Who You Are

  • Clarify Your Vision

  • Connect with Your Purpose

  • Awaken Your Passion

  • Accountability

  • Do What You Thought You Couldn't

  • WIN

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